Hi and thanks for dropping by, the story is quite simple really, Stuart loves wood and Mandy loves knitting and textiles so why not combine them and move on from just making for ourselves.

We are a couple and the business is a family, our son joins in and enjoys turning wood, it must be in the genes. 

Stuart started out from a trade apprenticeship so has worked with his hands all his life creating something, for friends, family and as an occupation. Mandy just did it for fun before deciding to go full time.

A little about the business...

Reiverswell produce handmade bespoke carpentry and artisan home decor items. We offer a range of services which also include unique furniture, soft furnishings along with a range of hand knitted fashion accessories. All personal to the individual.

We design interior furniture, cabinets and other home solutions for storage or sitting, we can turn that awkward space in to something functional and practical, your thoughts and our help.

All of our soft goods services and fashion items are produced lovingly by hand from the brains of the outfit

We pride ourselves in quality service and bespoke items, so no two items are the same, each lovingly produced by either Mandy or Stuart in our Aberdeenshire farmhouse and workshop.

We strongly believe in quality service and providing our customers with satisfaction, we truly believe in providing our clients with a service they can rely on.  

Our love for hand crafted products led us to start Reiverswell from producing items for friends and family, although Stuart is a time served craftsman we have never put our skills to a business of our own, we are very small but offer that personal approach, truly unique and original.

We source our materials from local well established small business's here in Scotland, a local woollen mill that is over 200 years old or a sawmill still run by the same great owner who is now in his 80;s.

From time to time we try out luxury raw materials that offer unique appeal, Mandy sourced a range of Italian Merino wool for some of her designs directly from Italy.

Being so close to the heart of the Whisky industry we create designs from oak barrels, these are authenticated and carry the distillery label provenance. 

We can design, install and transform you ideas and thoughts in to that finished product.

We hope you like our items, if you have an idea of an installation or just a small gift that is something different but don't see it, please get in touch and we will see if we can assist, even if just general advice.

We also have a range of services-
Handmade furniture
Bookcase manufacture and installation
Soft furnishings
Bespoke carpentry
Hand made fireplaces
Cushions etc.

The list could go on, but in short fancy a bespoke designed item or gift, get in touch....

Table or bookcase looking tired, we can offer restoration or up cycle  to bring it back to a fresh look..
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